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Food trucks are now a days one of the biggest trends in the food industry, thanks to COVID-19 a huge amount of restaurants have closed their doors to their locations, however all delivery food trailer business have grown in more than 60% only in 2020.

Moving is important, that is why being able to move your food trailer to any location you need will give you a great advantage against a restaurant in some predetermined location; with your food trailer you can be in various locations and test which one works best for you.

Having a food trailer has many points in its favor, here is a list of 10 reasons why having a food trailer is your best option to start or grow your business:

  • Your Food Trailer can be towed by most vehicles, so business does not need to stop for vehicle maintenance

  • Since the kitchen trailer and transport vehicle are not connected, the trailer can be dropped off at an event and the vehicle can be used to run errands during the event

  • Generally less expensive than food trucks, and up to 1 1/2 feet wider for more space

  • Large size allows food business to cater large venues

  • Large internal blueprint provides ample space for full-sized equipment, ingredient storage, disposables, and cleaning supplies

  • Full kitchen means you can offer a multi-course menu, have a full staff, and serve several customers at once

  • Varying sizes allows you to find a food trailer in your budget and customized to your needs and specifications

  • Can be used as a secondary kitchen to expand on the space of an existing building or used as a primary kitchen during renovations/disaster relief

  • Mileage is not logged on the trailer, so you can continuously take it from location to location without worrying about depreciation in value caused by an increase in mileage



So don’t wait any longer, quote your food trailer with us and dare to succeed, we have incredible financing plans and many options for configuring the sizes of food trailers and components so that your kitchen is the most appropriate to your needs.



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