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Each food trailer is distributed to pass the local Health Department Codes. GUARANTEED!

Aproved +65 Health Department


We make sure you are buying the perfect food trailer for your business from the blueprints to the Health Department inspection.



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Health Deparment

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We guarantee that you will pass the inspection regardless of the county you are in


Choose your trailer size, kitchen components and layout; or if you wish, we can distribute your custom food trailer with everything you need to start or grow your business.


Since 2018, we are distribuitor more than 900 food trailers, which we have shipped to more than 65 counties in the United States and countries such as Mexico, the Virgin Islands, Alaska and more.


We are the only food trailer distribuitor that guarantees you will pass the inspection of your county health department no matter where you are. Trust us, we are the experts in health codes.

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Each food trailer carries blueprints for electric layout, gas and water system, and overall dimensions. No matter where you buy your food trailer, we guarantee that it will pass inspection.


We distribute your food trailer with all the certifications of the health department, NSF stainless steel, led light, fire suppression system, outside electric plug, non-slip steel floor and many more features to guarantee quality and durability.


Make your food trailer stand out; we have an in-house design department that will take care of your design, printing and installation of high-definition wrapping with 3M vinyl of the highest quality.

Fire Suppression System

All of our food trailers come ready to install the fire suppression system that ensures your safety, that of your workers and your customers, in addition to helping you pass the inspection quickly and easily.

Electric Connections

We have the safest electrical connections on the market, we do not leave cables or any dangerous element in sight, that is why our food trailers are distributed with the highest safety and quality measures and they always pass inspection

Commercial Equipment

Our kitchens and commercial equipment guarantee quality and safety throughout your kitchen. They are all made of NSF stainless steel and installed according to the needs of your county health department.

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